Grand Design Paisley Duvet Cover


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Grand Design Paisley Duvet Cover

Made from long staple cotton fibres 300 thread count and high yarn numbers allow us to guarantee a silk touch and best sleep comfort. A classic allover paisley print that matches perfectly with our other designs in colour and style. The pillowcase and duvet cover both has a detailed white cord piping on all sides to give the perfect frame detail. Our custom-made production offer any size in order to adapt the product to individual markets.

Grand Design Bedding and Accessories

Grand Design Bedding and Accessories from Ron Campion Furnishers

Grand Design their story

The background to start Grand Design was their dedication to create and design bed linen. Their inspiration came from the style and materials of the classic fashion industry and their determination to combine high-quality fabrics with an everyday use.

Quite soon they learned there was a lack of information available for consumers in the buying process. They didn’t know how to define true quality, or how to tell the difference between what is to be considered “good” or “bad” in terms of bed linen. This ignited the start of their brand’s journey.

Their mission is to educate and spread the knowledge so that everyone can understand and learn to appreciate the meaning of true quality, what it feels like, and what to expect.

Today they implement this vision in all their products, collections and in everything they do.

They are committed to make their product the best they possibly can. This is their promise to you. If you follow their guidance and commit to their brand, you’ll soon learn the meaning of everyday luxury. That is the by-product of Grand Design.

They live by the expression “once you’ve tried quality, you’ll never settle for less”.

Welcome to explore their world of classic decoration.

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50 x 75 cm


100% Cotton Satin

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