REM-Fit Sleep Technologies

REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding brand with a focus on active, healthy lifestyles and restorative sleep. Originally launched in America in 2014, the REM-Fit brand has been so successful that they decided to bring it to the UK. With three product ranges; REST, ENERGISE and MOTIVATE Collections, you can be sure that they have covered all bases when it comes to getting the best sleep possible.

is a team of dedicated individuals who believe in a restful night’s sleep. We all know that sleep is often put to the wayside in our busy lives. However, we really should be paying more attention to the activity we spend one-third of our life doing. Being fitness enthusiasts, we know how important rest and recovery are to any training routine, which is why they developed the first Total Sleep Recovery product line to help you meet your fitness goals!

Ron Campion Furnishers are exclusive stockists of REM-Fit products for the South West

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Hybrid Cooling Gel Mattress

  • 6 layers of engineered comfort to enhance sleep & recovery – non-turn mattress
  • Active cooling gel regulates temperature
  • Mediflex memory foam provides pressure relieving upper and lower back support
  • Pocket springs provide a perfectly balanced tension
  • Unique edge-to-edge support
  • Core base layer for a solid foundation
  • RE-AX fabric – Hypoallergenic sleep environment

Intelligent Sleep Monitoring

  • Discover your sleep trends and get on a better routine
  • REM-Fit monitors how long and how well you sleep and then syncs those stats with your smartphone, displaying your trends as detailed charts in the REM-Fit Sleep app.
  • Monitors heart rate, respiratory rate and motion
  • 30 day rechargeable battery life
  • Non-wearable sleep monitoring

60 Night Trial

  • 60-night trial in your home – in partnership with the British Heart Foundation
  • 100% full refund – no catches
  • 100% of our returned mattresses are donated to the British Heart Foundation

Next Day Delivery

  • Next day delivery to UK free as standard (with exceptions)
  • Orders must be placed before 1pm
  • Delivery will be made the following working day
  • Saturday delivery available – optional extra

10 Year Guarantee

We’re so confident in the build quality of out mattress that we have included a 10 year full replacement guarantee at no extra cost – so you can keep sleeping soundly!

REM-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress

REM-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress

Available Sizes
Single 3′ | Small Double 4′ | Double 4′ 6 | Kingsize 5′ | Super Kingsize 6′

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“If you can measure it, you can improve it. Learn more about your sleep habits with detailed daily statistics so that you can improve the quality of your rest. Featuring a unique combination of exceptional comfort and advanced sleep technology, the REM-Fit Sleep 400 gives you the power to take control of your sleep, enhance your performance and intensify your recovery.”

Sammy Margo – Sleep Expert | Chartered Physiotherapist


One Solution. Designed for maximum comfort and recovery, the REM-Fit 400 Mattress offers a superior night’s sleep.

Cool Gel Memory Foam

A deep layer of infused cool gel memory foam regulates your body’s temperature as you sleep whilst providing restorative pressure relieving comfort.

Adaptive Mediflex Foam

Adapts to your sleeping position and provides excellent lower and upper back support.

Interactive Pocket Springs

1,000 individually pocketed interactive springs produces a perfectly balanced tension. Sleep peacefully without being disturbed by your partners movements; each spring responds independently to prevent roll-together.

Edge Support

Foam encapsulated side walls deliver strong edge-to-edge support, allowing you to sleep tight to the edge whilst ensuring a consistent tension is kept across the entire surface of the mattress.

Core Base Layer

A thick foam layer forms a solid foundation and provides a strong base to support the entire mattress and its sleepers – built to withstand the test of time!

Re-Ax® Fabric Cover

The thermo-regulating fibre is knitted for a fully breathable fabric structure which is completely hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin or allergy sufferers.

REM-Fit Advanced Sleep Monitoring


The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor uses highly accurate sensors to give you an in depth analysis of the quality of your sleep – without the need to wear a device. A discreetly thin strap is placed across the mattress, underneath the bed sheet, to track your data and provide a comprehensive insight into your recovery. The strap is not noticeable once fitted to the mattress and eliminates the need to sleep on a live wire due to its extra-long rechargeable battery life.



REM-Fit Sleep Monitor - IOS / Android App.

Your score is based on the length and quality of your sleep, taking into account data from your heart rate, respiratory rate and motion, which is recorded in the REM-Fit Sleep App.


REM-Fit Sleep Monitor - IOS / Android App.

Individual graphs for your sleep data are recorded in the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App, allowing you to get a detailed look at the improvement of your recovery over time.


REM-Fit Sleep Monitor - IOS / Android App.

As the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App accumulates data, it displays statistics on your sleep trends, allowing you to make adjustments to enhance your recovery.


The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor App shows you all of your sleep data from the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor device.