Guest Beds

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Guest beds are the answer if you’re having friends or relatives over to stay. They prove to be an ideal space saving solution whilst providing your guests with a comfortable night’s sleep. Guest beds can fold up for easy storage when your guests go home. Or you could go for a day bed that doubles as a sofa. Many give you a choice of mattress for the comfort you desire and most can turn into both single and double beds quite easily.

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  • Ridgeway Guest Bed

    £399.00 £199.00
  • Jay-Be J-Bed Folding Bed – Performance Airflow

  • Jay-Be J-Bed Folding Bed – Memory Foam

  • Jay-Be Crown Premier Folding Bed

  • Jay-Be Crown Windermere Folding Bed

  • Jay-Be Jubilee Folding Bed

  • Jay-Be Advance Folding Bed

  • Jay-Be Value Memory Folding Bed

  • Jay-Be Value Comfort Folding Bed

  • Orchard Double Guest Bed

  • Meadow Double Guest Bed