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The traditional dining room sideboard is a freestanding cabinet that sits along one wall, low to the ground, often with short legs and cabinets that reach to the floor. Some models come with a mixture of cabinets with doors and dressers, which may be deep or shallow depending upon their intended function. Sideboards may include storage space specifically dedicated to storing china, cups, glasses, bottles of wine and decanters, table linens, placemats and napkins. When shopping online for one, it’s important to consider the overall storage you’ll have access to and what you intend to use your sideboard for. Though the shape and function of the sideboard is especially adept at helping a dining room feel like a dining room, they serve an equal number of other functions just as well.

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  • Newlyn Compact Sideboard

  • Newlyn 2-Door, 2-Drawer Sideboard

  • Newlyn 3-Door, 3-Drawer Sideboard

  • Polzeath 2-Door, 2-Drawer Sideboard

  • Polzeath Compact Sideboard

  • Polzeath 3-Door, 3-Drawer Sideboard

  • Truro 2-Door, 6-Drawer Sideboard

    £735.00 £605.00
  • Truro 3-Door, 3-Drawer Sideboard

    £559.00 £459.00
  • Truro 2-Door, 2-Drawer Sideboard

    £465.00 £379.00
  • Truro Small Sideboard with 1-Drawer

    £335.00 £275.00
  • Otter 3-Door Sideboard

  • Otter Standard Sideboard